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Hello User, Welcome to! We are India's first social shopping engine where you will find most liked products from all online shops in India. In any user can create his trendy list and share with his friends and family by just creating his/her profile. To create profile user needs to sign-up and activate account by verifying via email. Start your online business on one click. As a social shopping site, we provide a well designed platform to share your trendy products with your friends and family and earn fees for your efforts (earning will be dependent on type of category). You can manage your profile like other price comparison sites in current market. In zaapdeal platform no need to pay any extra cost for managing your profile.

What zaapdeal does?

  • 1. Get you with the best offer and latest deals, coupons and products.
  • 2. Opportunity to create your own shop, share your list of products and start online business without any investment.
  • 3. Improve your online shopping experience and make sharing easy via social media.
  • 4. No investment, no need to create/maintain website.
  • 5. We will guide you HOW to create your shop, Do's and Dont's to manage your shop.
  • 6. Product listed in your shop is sold; you will be benefited with some amount.

Q 1. How do I create zaapdeal account?

Answer: To create a zaapdeal account:
  • 1. Go to
  • 2. Enter your name, email, mobile phone number, password, date of birth and gender.
  • 3. Click Create an Account.
  • 4. To finish creating your account, you need to confirm your email or mobile phone number.
    Note: If you did not find mail in INBOX, please check zaapdeal alert mail in SPAM box for any reason and follow above process.

Q 2. How to manage my trendy shop?

Answer: To manage my trendy shop:
  • 1. Login to enter the following details:
    • Email address: You can log in with any email address that's listed on your zaapdeal account.
    • Enter your password.
  • 2. After successfully login you will be able to see your workspace where your trendy shop will be managed. For more details follow our FAQ page.

Q 3. Which products I can add to my trendy list?

Answer: User can add any product from top online sites in India.

Q 4. How do I select product for my trendy list?

Answer: As zaapdeal is share and shop platform, user has to select product according to his/her own interest.

Q 5. How I can share my trendy list?

Answer: To share my trendy list:
  • 1. User should be ready with his trendy shop.
  • 2. Click on share link. User can share his trendy list via Whats App, Facebook, Twitter, linkedin and Google+.

Q 6. Will my trendy shop indexed in google?

Answer: Yes, all posted trendy shop will be indexed in google.

Track trendy product from market.

At zaapdeal, we have genuine users who are willing to add the product into their trendy shop and share with their dear ones. zaapdeal will track trend and provide a correct impression about product. Also, zaapdeal takes genuine reviews from users and display on comparison page so user will get correct information about product and get maximum benefit. also track the price trend, of listed products and display on page, which results zaapdeal user will get insight about price variations. This will help zaapdeal user to decide when to buy product and save more. zaapdeal manages listing based on shop, category, brand, price, color and size to benefited zaapdeal user.