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Q. What is zaapdeal?
Answer: is a platform where the system will provide you to initiate your own trend shopping store online with the help of social marketing, along with an opportunity to originate your own online marketplace, without ruining your efforts to create website and manage it.
Q. What is shopping search engine ?
Answer: Shopping search engine allows you to search products for sale along with price comparison, offer details, product availability and users ratings and reviews.
Q. What is social sharing ?
Answer: Social sharing will allow you to share products details and offer details through a medium of social media devices such as whatsapp, Facebook, likin, twitter, Instagram and so on.
Q. How will be beneficial to users ?
Answer: zaapdeal will give user a chance for actively participating in online marketing creating their own online shop with zero investment.
Q. How to Create and account and be a part of
1. To be a persistent user, you can create your account adding your user name, email address password, mobile number and birth date and sign up.

Signup Form -- Easy Way To Create Account

You will receive a verification code via email to your inbox.

Now click on the received link with a code

Going through it you can confirm your account and log in with your details

Q. How to manage your profile?
Now you can shop easily, share your trends immediately and can generate your earning by your own here.
1.My Trendis: My Trendis exists with a list of created deals, coupons and products added by you along with your friends offers you have being added.
2.Friends Trendis: My Trendis exists with a list of created deals, coupons and products added by you along with your friends offers you have being added.
3.Discover: My Trendis exists with a list of created deals, coupons and products added by you along with your friends offers you have being added.

Your Profile Dashboard

Q. How my shop will be identified?
Your shop can be identified, by creating your own shop profile with details such as title of shop and description about what it contains.

Your Shop Details

Q. What is Zaaping?
Zaaping is the list of zaapdeal users, here you can follow your friends and use their deals, coupons and products for adding to your profile.

Your Following

Q. What about earning?
The individual will be profited with some amount when the customer will shop from your created trend.
1.Tentative : Condition after placing the order.
2.Approved : After completion of return policy the period you will get a final earning fee.
3.Cancelled : If the product is cancel by user, you will not get any earning fee.
4.Disapproved : Commission must have been disapproved by parent shopping site by any reason.
Q. What is post deal?
You can create your own deals, coupon and products here.
Q. How to create deals and coupons?
For deal and coupon creation, choose your favourite deals and coupons from any shop.
Step 1 : Select the Ad type whether it is deal or coupon.
Step 2 : Select the type whether the deal or coupon is having image or not.
Step 3 : Add the suitable title belonging to that deal or coupon.
Step 4 : Mention the offer if its deal and coupon code if its coupon.
Step 5 : Put the date from which it is going to start and end date at what it will get expired.
Step 6 : Copy the URL form the belonging deal page and paste in URL block.
Step 7 : Select deals and coupon from the belonging category, sub category from the available shop.
Step 8 : Write the description of deal and coupon with its available discount and special prices.

Deal / Coupon Creation Page

Q. How to create product?
For creating your favourite product, choose the product from any shop.
Step 1 : Select product from Ad type.
Step 2 : Copy the URL from your product page and paste in the URL box.

Product Creation Page : URL Paste

Step 3 : All information will be fetched and provided to you along with title, image, price, MRP and brand.

Product Creation Page : Fetch Product Information

Step 4 : Select category, sub category and the shop belong to that product, you can add small keyword through which people can get through it easily.
Step 5 : Describe the speciality of product and its offer.

Product Creation Page : Category, Sub category, Shop & Description