Unisex Pack Of 3 Resuable 3-Layer Outdoor Mask
BY Lino Perros

Unisex Pack Of 3 Resuable 3-Layer Outdoor Mask

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Unisex Pack of 3 Reusable 3-Ply Outdoor Masks3-Layer Filtration SystemOuter layer: Breathable woen fabroc to filter coarse particlesMiddle layer: Spunbonded non woven fabric to filter particles from airInner layer: Skin friendly woven cotton to absorb sweat & easy breathabilitySpecial Features:The Anti Pollution, Anti Bacterial and Anti Dust property of the mask makes it efficient for everyday usage.This Stylish designer mask can be easily worn anytime and in any climate with comfort and ease by both men and women.This cotton layered washable mask provides a comfortable cotton fabric layering for easy breathability.ReuasableWashableThe inside layer provides effective filtration.Suitable for both outdoor and indoor, it protects you from dust particles, toxins, pollution and micro- organisms.How to use:Hold the mask using the ear stripesStretch adequate to the size of your face and fasten them over your earsEnsure maximum coverage over the face by pulling the mask appropriately to cover your face specially the chin areaRemove the mask by using ear straps that do not touch the surfaceWash the mask properly with disinfectant liquid after every useWash / sanitize your hands after touching the mask Usage:OutdoorPrecautionWash mask with soap and water / antiseptic liquid after every useWash hands carefully with soap after removing maskWarning:Usage instructions & precautions should be followed as recommendedImproper usage of the mask may cause health risks
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